La Foret

Quality, love and commitment

La Foret is created from the desire and purpose to introduce it known the products that are grown and produced in our homeland. This business is committed every day to raise awareness and to evaluate the typical products of a small country like Albania. Our goal and desire makes me one of the presenters and the best connoisseur of the quality and value of typical Albanian products.

Our idea, commitment and desire is to give our clients the opportunity to taste the excellent products of our country and of course to have them in every table to be enjoyed.

La Foret undertakes and selects typical Albanian products of high quality. The products are controlled and approved by the relevant institutions. The quality management of our products follows high standards according to quality controls to provide what the customer requires and deserves. Their packaging, preservation and distribution is controlled to maintain freshness and nutritional value. We guarantee products of excellent quality and flavours on your tables.

Albanian Wines

La Foret specializes in artisanal Albanian wines. The grapes come from local vineyards in different regions of Albania. The grapes are carefully harvested and handpicked to preserve their flavor and aroma. Most known Albanian labels such as Berat Puls and Pamid offer an indescribable feeling and a very unique taste among others.

We want to offer wine connoisseurs quality, refined Albanian wines. La ForĂȘt reflects this originality and quality.

Why Albanian wines? The country has a distinctly Mediterranean climate, meaning winters are mild and summers tend to be hot and dry. The favorable climate and fertile soil of the mountainous areas of the country are suitable for viticulture. The country has one of the oldest winemaking traditions, dating back at least 3,000 years to the Bronze Age Illyrians. Along with neighboring Greece, Albania has the longest continuous history of viticulture in Europe.

If you, as a wine enthusiast, have a preference for elegant, refined Albanian wines with ‘soul’, then you have come to the right place.